Stand Out From The Crowd …
As The Author Of Your Own Business Fable

The Problem

How can you be distinctive when your competitors use the same marketing methods (website, webinars, white papers, social media, SEO, Google/Facebook ads) that you use?

The Internet turns almost everyone into a commodity, because buyers, customers, and clients have more choices than ever.  If you’re a commodity, you’re being judged primarily on price. You’ve worked too hard in your career to have to compete by lowering your price.

How do you show the world your uniqueness, your distinctiveness, in a way that sets you apart from everyone in your field?

The Solution

You can have a unique, personally written business fable as your unique, personal marketing tool … written by “The King Of Fables”, New York Times Best Selling Author Michael Levin.

Michael will work with you to craft a story that becomes your ultimate marketing weapon. We all know Who Moved My Cheese? and Five Dysfunctions Of A Team. What if you had your own business fable that lets you charge more, stand out, get great speaking gigs, and generally stand head and shoulders above your competition?

You and Michael will co-create your business fable (also known as a business story or business novel) that will excite people to do business with you or align with you in whatever way you desire

Michael has ghostwritten more business fables than any writer alive. In addition, he’s published five novels of his own – three with Simon & Schuster and two with Penguin/Putnam. His work has been optioned and/or made by ABC, Disney, Paramount, and Steven Soderbergh – so he knows how to tell a good story!

Also, if you’re going to hire a writer to do a business fable, you need one who understands the business world. As an entrepreneur, Michael started and sold his prior ghostwriting company, Maybe you saw his Shark Tank episode!  (Season 3, episode 1.)

And in his 30+ years as a ghostwriter, Michael has planned, written, or edited more than 800 business books … including two New York Times best sellers and two Amazon Kindle #1 business best sellers. So Michael understands the business world in a way that few generalist writers do.

VIDEO: The Power of Business Fables


Michael is a good guy and a fine writer to work with.
—Alan Mullaly, former CEO of Boeing and Ford

Thank you, Michael Levin, for making my best work even better.
—Legendary author Zig Ziglar

I’d say my first-round draft pick for a coauthor was an extremely successful one.
—Baseball Hall of Famer Dave Winfield

Hiring Michael Levin to help me get a book out was the smartest thing I’ve ever done for marketing my business.
—Steve Morton, Financial Advisor, Greensboro, North Carolina

Michael naturally inspires others to realize their true potential. He is a strong witness both as a businessman, husband and father, who is humble and empathetic in the service of others. Michael’s zeal with his professional craft as a literary writer will always be a valued treasure.
—Gary Miller, top insurance professional, business fable client

The Plan

booksThe complete process takes roughly 90 days and requires no more than an hour of your time per week.

Most clients start with a “test drive” phase in which Michael creates the story, the characters, and the first 20 pages.

The test drive takes approximately three weeks. You’ll meet with Michael for two to three hours on the phone or Zoom to discuss your audience, what outcomes you want from the book, and what material you want the book to cover.

Once you have the results of the test drive – the complete, three-act story, the character summaries, and the first 20 pages, you’ll decide whether you want to go ahead and have Michael complete the book (with your guidance, criticisms, and changes as he sends you each new chapter).

When the manuscript is done, you and Michael will go over it one more time and then Michael will have it copy edited and ready for publication. Michael will guide you as to your publishing and marketing options at that point.

The Agreement

Your Fable Factory Agreement will indicate that you alone have cover credit (Michael functions as a ghostwriter), that you own 100% of the copyright, and that you alone receive all income the book generates, whether it’s increased income or revenue in your business or practice, book royalties, speaking fees, and even TV/movie rights.

When you engage for the Test Drive, you have no obligation to complete the book with Michael. It’s Michael’s way of demonstrating to you that he can live up to your high expectations, without you having to commit to the entire book right off the bat.

(We offer zero percent financing for six months through PayPal. We also offer a 5% courtesy discount if you want to do the book as a one-pay.)

Ready To Begin?

Talk with Michael’s business partner Matt Greenberg at 310.991.7983 or email.

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